CPSC Recalls Kids’ Jewelry Kits With Cra-Z Amount Of Lead

Last month, an investigation by New York state’s attorney general turned up craft kits marketed to children with 10 times the acceptable level of lead. While state attorneys general don’t have the power to order a recall, the AG forwarded the information to the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the distributors and retailers of the product. Today, the distributor announced a recall of the craft kits.

One of the recalled kits, the “My Look” Ultimate Gem Machine, was exclusive to Target. The other kit, the “Shimmer N’ Sparkle” edition, was sold along with the $10 package of refill components for the gem machine at Toys “R” Us, Walmart, and on Amazon.com.

If you have these kits in your house, the CPSC asks that you “immediately take these products away from children,” which includes any slider bracelets made using the kit, since the bracelet is the item that was shown to have a dramatically high level of lead.

Contact the company, LaRose Industries, at (855) 345-4693 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Eastern time during business days. You can also e-mail at recall@laroseindustries.com, or visit the company’s recall site.

One of the Cra-Z-Art products that's part of the recall.

One of the Cra-Z-Art products that’s part of the recall.

This is one recall that’s part of a wider issue, the AG points out: products for kids
“My office’s findings are symptomatic of a potentially larger problem with imported children’s products that still remains to be addressed,” A.G. Schneiderman said in a statement. “For this reason, my office will continue its investigation into how these products breached the safety net that is supposed to protect our kids from exposure to unsafe levels of lead and other dangerous substances.”

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