Check Out Apple's Super Secret Antennagate Labs

The Internets are all abuzz with some undercover, special spycam shots of Apple’s research labs, where engineers are currently “working their butts off” and dreaming of the iPhone 4 during office slumber parties. These sneaky shots, currently making the rounds on tech blogs, are actually just from an ABC newscast last week.

Deep in the belly of the beast, these photos reveal screens showing the inner, Death Star-like workings of the iPhone 4, cushiony testing rooms, dummies holding phones up to their heads, and other boring things like people sitting at desks, ostensibly working hard on antennas. Exciting!

It is good to see that Apple is putting all research dollars into actual research, saving money on security by simply tossing black blankets over things the cameras weren’t supposed to see. So simple, and so efficient! Now fix those antennas before we all get really cranky.

Watch the original report here:

Apple Offers Free Covers to Fix iPhone [ABC]

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