Trident Xtra Care Won't Save Your Teeth, Alleges Lawsuit

Sugar-free Trident Xtra Care gum makes a lot of bold statements about what it can do for your chompers, but a man in New York is claiming that it’s all a lot of hot air and has filed a lawsuit against Trident’s parent company over what he alleges is a misleading marketing campaign.

“Strengthens and Rebuilds Teeth,” reads the tagline on the gum’s packaging.

“Trident Xtra Care could not and does not rebuild teeth,” the lawsuit, which accuses parent company Cadbury Adams of deceptive business practices, says. “Once tooth decay has set in, no chewing gum can rebuild the teeth.”

In its marketing materials for Xtra Care, Trident pushes the gum’s inclusion of Recaldent, an easily absorbed form of calcium that they claim is shown to strengthen tooth enamel.

The plaintiff’s lawyer says the product and its marketing are taking advantage of customers who think they can get away with chewing this gum rather than go to the dentist: “Cadbury preyed on this increased consumer desire for products promising healthier teeth between dental visits.”

Among the claims made on the Trident website about Xtra Care:

-Strenghtens tooth enamel more powerfully than any other sugar free gum

-Helps restore minerals to weakened tooth enamel

-Available for your teeth up to three hours after chewing

-Leaves teeth more resistant to plaque acids

-Increases tooth remineralization

The plaintiff is hoping that enough other people will step forward to justify giving the lawsuit class action status.

Queens man says Trident Xtra Care gum ads are rotten, drills Cadbury Adam with lawsuit [NY Daily News]

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