Good News, Everyone: Microwaveable Milkshakes Exist

Do you want to experience the deliciousness of a milkshake in your own home, but are too lazy to throw some ice cream and milk in a blender? Kroger is here to help, and the grocer now sells the Micro Shake: a frozen treat that you stick in the microwave to soften a little, then stir and eat. Because this is America.

Blogger Tracy bravely bought the frozen shake and tested it along with her sons. Their verdict?

I thought it was okay, but far too sweet and not rich and creamy enough. I wouldn’t turn one down, but I wouldn’t buy it for my own consumption, either. I’d just as soon get some regular ice cream. The price wasn’t terrible, $1.99 (I think it was on special though) and although it’s not great nutrition, I wouldn’t be opposed to getting one as a rare treat for the boys. I really wanted to try the peanut butter flavor, but my youngest can’t have peanut products and I thought it would be mean to have this within his sight.

The boy’s verdict? Nicholas said it was fantastic and gave it 4.4 stars out of 5. I should note that he is a connoisseur of those gas station milkshakes. The little boys thought it was terrific, too. I think they liked the novelty of it more than anything else.

PS – I posted then realized what these remind me of. Remember those little cake mixes that you could get back in the 1980s for chocolate chip cake and coffee cake that came with its own paper baking pan? I remember baking the crap out of those when I was a kid and getting such a kick out of that crappy little pan. This is that kind of food, I think. Yeah, it’s not great for your kid but they’ll enjoy the experience so every once in a blue moon when they have a friend over for a sleepover you could let them make these themselves and have a ball.

Horrifyingly, this isn’t a new product. They existed in the ’70s and ’80s as well. Have you tried Microshakes, then or now? What did you think?