Is Some Of The $9.8 Million In Unclaimed WaMu Deposits Yours?

Remember the good old days when Washington Mutual (or WaMu, if you like your bank to sound like a killer whale) still existed? Well, there are about 9.8 million souvenirs of its existence still waiting to be disbursed in the form of unclaimed deposits.

The FDIC recently turned over the unclaimed cash to the Washington State Department of Revenue, which is now responsible for finding the rightful owners.

The Dept. has sent out letters and claims forms to the last known addresses of those with more than $75 in unclaimed deposits, but for those who’ve moved on — possibly because you lost your job, your house, your dog and your truck all in the same afternoon — there are other ways to get your cash out of WaMu’s cold, dead hands.

You can search the Dept. of Revenue’s database by clicking here or if you feel like using the phone, you can call 1-800-435-2429.

$9.8 million in WaMu deposits still unclaimed (yours?) []

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