This Old Navy Hasn't Yet Grasped Concept Of "Sale"

Generally speaking, when a store advertises an item as being “on sale,” they usually mean that the price of said item has been discounted. But it looks like Old Navy’s Fundamentals Sale includes some items that are merely just for sale.

Consumerist reader Jake snapped this shot at his local Old Navy in Indiana. Something caught him off guard about the $14.50 sale price of these graphic tees… probably because that’s the same price they sell for normally; a fact confirmed by the small print on the Act Now! sign.

Granted, some of these Old Navy Fashion Graphic Tees do sell for as high as $15, so on those items you would be saving a whopping $.50.

The bigger question — isn’t $14.50 a bit too much to pay for an Old Navy tee to begin with?

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