Score Free Coffee Grounds At Starbucks For Your Compost Heap

Living in the big city and not having access to any sort of garden of my own, composting is the last thing on my mind when I step into a Starbucks. But for those of you who could use some material for your compost heap, the coffee giant will apparently hand over their used grounds free of charge. Just ask the 94-year-old man in Texas, who does this every single day.

For about four years, the nonagenarian has been stopping by his local ‘Bucks every day to pick up around 20 lbs. of used coffee grounds for use at his sons’ farms and which he also feeds to worms he raises.

According to the workers at this Starbucks, there are a few other people who come by on a weekly basis to get some free coffee grounds for their own compost heaps.

Have any of you ever tried this?

94-year-old makes a different kind of Starbucks run []

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