Will 'Flying Pasties' Help Hide Your Private Bits From Airport Scanners?

From the TSA employee mocked by his co-workers for his teeny weeny to the Heathrow employee harassed for her ample bosom, full-body airport scanners are responsible for their fair share of controversy. Now the travel-writin’ folks at Jaunted have stumbled across a new invention that claims to end such troubles by slapping stickers on your most private bits.

According to their own sales pitch, Flying Pasties “are meant to obscure your private parts when entering a typical airport scanner.”

But, as Jaunted points out, not only do these stickers appear to not have any sort of technology that would prevent the scanners from seeing your bits, the full-body scanners only show the general outline of your body anyway. That means that you’ve slapped these expensive stickers on your body for no purpose whatsoever.

So, if you’re into adhering things to your private parts and possibly having to explain to the TSA why you’ve adhered said things to your private parts, be our guests. But the rest of us will remain sticker-free for now.

‘Flying Pasties’ Attempt to Hide Your Nakedness from Full-Body Scanners [Jaunted]

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