Predators Shrink Ray Zapped My Movie

The Grocery Shrink Ray is so powerful its scope spreads beyond grocery store aisles and into movie theaters, where it reduces the number of bloodthirsty villains in action movies.

Readers complained about sexed-up trailers that misled viewers as to what would be in the movie.

Chris wrote:

This might be completely ridiculous, but I thought it was kind of interesting. I saw the movie “Predators” today and there was a major difference between a scene from the trailer and the scene in the movie.

In the trailer, there’s a scene where Adrian Brody is standing facing what what we believe to be many predators based on the the multiple targets that appear all over his face and torso. (The targets being those 3 red dots used by the predator’s shoulder mounted weapon). Yet in the movie itself, in that exact same scene, there’s only one target on Adrien Brody.

Now I can recall times where I’ve seen a scene in a movie trailer that wasn’t in the movie. I realize that filmmakers are constantly editing up to the release. But in this case, that’s not possible. The movie only had four total predators (three of which were hunting the humans). So basically, it was completely bogus and intentional to make it seem that there were perhaps a dozen or even more based on the scene from the trailer.

I don’t know what you would call this. Is this false advertising? It’s certainly deceptive.

David, who was also miffed, complained to 20th Century Fox and got this response:

We’re sorry you were disappointed in the film, and will send you the $4.80. Could you please send me your address, and I will send you a check as soon as possible.

Clever reply there, admitting no guilt while taking care of the problem.

Because ad campaigns often launch before movies are completed, it’s never a guarantee that what you see in the trailer ends up in the final cut.

What movie trailer has left you feeling the most burned after you saw the movie?

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