Chili's Gives FourSquare Reason To Exist

FourSquare, that helpful location-based social networking service for those oblivious to the fact that nobody on Twitter or Facebook cares which hardware store they’re frequenting, may have some redeeming value after all. That’s because Chili’s is now offering up free chips and salsa to those who check in at participating stores.

The Awl received this email from Chili’s promotions:

Chili’s is the first national casual dining chain to offer socially tech-savvy guests a free menu item with every Foursquare check-in.

For a limited time, when guests check in at Chili’s using the geo-locating service, they will instantly receive a special coupon to redeem for free chips and house-made salsa.

Check in at your neighborhood Chili’s to see if they’re participating. If so, encourage your readers to check-in to chow down.

I’ve dined on Chili’s chips and salsa many times and can wholly vouch that they are totally worth the Foursquare-discounted price of free.

Let’s forget for a moment that just about every other restaurant that offers chips and salsa does so gratis without making you annoy your friends with a status update. Bravo, Chili’s.

“Chili’s is now offering up free Chips & Salsa when guests check in on Foursquare” [The Awl]

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