Watch A Money Mule Scam Unfold

This gal was looking to make ends meet by doing finding a part-time work-at-home gig, and ended up getting accused of committing felony fraud.

Red Tape Chronicles says it started seemingly innocent enough, a man found her “work wanted” ad online and contracted her to become a virtual assistant. He said that he was associated with the reputable international fashion marketing firm Mandi Lennard.

The jobs started simple: buy this exact kind of ink and paper and perform various tasks. Soon he had her sending money for him to help one of the “photographers” purchase some alcohol. When she asked why he needed her to send the funds, he said “because i am very busy and you are my assistant.”

Then she was instructed to print out a check for $1,300, deposit it in her account, and write a check off her account and mail it to her handler.

But when she did, the bank said it would be held for seven days while they investigated it for fraud. She soon received a call from a woman in Atlanta. It was her account the $1,300 check was drawn from, and the caller she was pissed and ready to press felony charges against her!

Yeeks! The rest of the story unfolds on Red Tape Chronicles, but like I said yesterday, anytime anyone wants you to deposit a check and then send the funds off your account elsewhere, it’s a stone cold scam.

See an online job scammer at work [Red Tape Chronicles]

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