How Would You Get Around iPhone 4's Death Grip Problem?

Yesterday, our more studious siblings at Consumer Reports made some headlines when they said they couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 after lab tests confirmed reports that the device could lose its signal merely by being touched in one specific spot. As a quick-fix remedy, CR threw out the idea of using non-conductive tape like duct or electrical tape to cover the contact point. But we think there are some more creative ideas.

One blogger, suggests using the Ove Glove oven mitt when handling the iPhone 4. After all, it costs significantly less than the bumpers Apple tries to sell on its online store.

There’s even been some juvenile curiosity around the Consumerist office about what would happen if you wrapped the iPhone 4 in a condom. And would it matter if it were latex or lambskin?

So be creative and tell us how you’d handle the un-handle-able phone.

And if I can preemptively say this: Your “I wouldn’t buy one” comment is very clever. Thank you for not posting it.

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