Get Your Elk Burger On At Fuddruckers

While KFC has its Double Down and Carl’s Jr. has its foot-long burger, Fuddruckers, the burger chain with the name that sounds more like a syndrome than it does a restaurant, is out to differentiate itself from the competition by offering up a selection of exotic meats to customers. It already has salmon and buffalo burgers on the menu, and in the last week it’s added elk to the list.

The half-pound elk burgers are part of the restaurant’s growing “Fudd’s Exotics” offerings, which will soon include wild boar and ostrich. Some Fuddruckers had occasionally offered any or all of these selections in limited quantities, but the plan is to now go system-wide with the Exotics line.

Fuddruckers is pushing the elk burger as a somewhat healthier option than your typical beef burger, saying it is “lean and savory, low in sodium and has 0g. of artificial trans fats.”

As for how to order your elk burger, the eatery suggests that it be ordered grilled to medium and topped with Swiss cheese and grilled onions.

What other exotic meats would you like to see turned into burger form?

Fuddruckers adds elk to Exotics burger line []

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