Get Your Elk Burger On At Fuddruckers

While KFC has its Double Down and Carl’s Jr. has its foot-long burger, Fuddruckers, the burger chain with the name that sounds more like a syndrome than it does a restaurant, is out to differentiate itself from the competition by offering up a selection of exotic meats to customers. It already has salmon and buffalo burgers on the menu, and in the last week it’s added elk to the list.

The half-pound elk burgers are part of the restaurant’s growing “Fudd’s Exotics” offerings, which will soon include wild boar and ostrich. Some Fuddruckers had occasionally offered any or all of these selections in limited quantities, but the plan is to now go system-wide with the Exotics line.

Fuddruckers is pushing the elk burger as a somewhat healthier option than your typical beef burger, saying it is “lean and savory, low in sodium and has 0g. of artificial trans fats.”

As for how to order your elk burger, the eatery suggests that it be ordered grilled to medium and topped with Swiss cheese and grilled onions.

What other exotic meats would you like to see turned into burger form?

Fuddruckers adds elk to Exotics burger line []


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  1. Mundo says:

    I’ve had quite a few from this burger joint here at SD:

    Honestly though, their “exotic” burgers are rather boring and/or have sauces that overpower the meat.

    I have to admit though that as overpriced as the Kobe beef was last time I went to Fuddrucker’s, that it really delivered as far as how great its taste and consistency was.

  2. HogwartsProfessor says:

    FINALLY!!! A story about something cool at a place we actually have here in Hooterville!

  3. temporaryscars says:

    I’d rather have one from Butt…nevermind…

  4. ahecht says:

    “and has 0g. of artificial trans fats.”

    Which meats exactly have ARTIFICIAL trans fats in them? They might as well say “and has 0g. of sharp broken glass”

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    I thought they already had ostrich. Wasn’t it introduced around the same time they started offering Buffalo?

    How about reptiles next? MMmmmmm Snakeburger!

    • blz5k says:

      Alligator burger is pretty good…

    • nobodyman says:

      They’ve had the Ostrich burger in Arizona for quite some time. To me it tastes largely like a beef hamburger, which I suppose is an interesting reversal of the everything-tastes-like-chicken phenomenon. Still, if that’s the case I might as well go with a beef hamburger…

  6. Alvis says:

    Does it have naturally-occurring trans fats, though? Your body doesn’t care if they’re natural or artificial.

  7. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:


    Nah, it’ll never catch on.

  8. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Wishing they had one of these near me – I would like to try an elk and ostrich burger, just once.

    • Conformist138 says:

      Ditto. I’ve always wanted to try more unusual meats like that, but I’ve not found many affordable options around here.

  9. jo3lr0ck5 says:

    I seriously got to check these exotic burgers out…I’m always in the mood to try new flavors.

  10. Salty Johnson says:

    Mmmm…. It’s been a while since I had elk. My dad shot one a few years back and we had elk in various forms 3-4 times a week for almost a year. Anything you can do with beef can be done with elk, and wild elk has this fantastic flavor that you won’t find in any steer. I wonder how the Fuddrucker’s burgers will compare. Too bad the closest one is about an hour away… I’ll have to stop there next time I’m in the area.

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      I live on the west coast so elk is hard to come by- especially considering our local elk is endangered.
      I would love a non-seasoned chunk of Elk meat just to see what it tastes like!
      If it’s anything like moose- my boss graciously gave me a small cut of meat a year ago- i am sold.

  11. Robofish says:

    Their Buffalo burger was actually really tasty. They also had Emu for a while I thought.

  12. He says:

    I’ve had the ostrich burger there in the past. It’s good and tastes a lot like the buffalo. The only problem is that they keep the meat frozen until somebody orders it so it takes a lot longer to prepare. A big problem if you’re on separate checks and with a group. They’re all half done by the time your food is ready.

  13. The Upright Man says:

    I want to try this out just so I can say that I did, but the only Fuddruckers near me shut down not too long ago. I seriously said “What the hell??” out loud when I drove past it one day and saw it was closed.

    • Bakergirl says:

      That’s what happened to me. It shut down after we moved to the area (conicidence?) so I never got the chance to try them and every restaurant on that location since, has died out too. But we can always hit up our local butcher shops for neat, seasonal items.

      • leastcmplicated says:

        yup mine too, we used to go there a couple times a year. Was always good for a change. sucks :( now I wanna try the elk burger

  14. Dutchess says:

    Does Fudd’s serve buffalo? I’ve been seriously craving a good buffalo burger…yum.

  15. selianth says:

    Love Fudd’s. But I will pass on their suggestion of the grilled onions. Always make the bun WAY too soggy and messy.

  16. jjp says:

    I tried their ostrich burger a few weeks ago. It was decent, but I wouldn’t try it again.

  17. eightfifteen says:

    I get elk burgers at my local farmer’s market, and they’re pretty tasty. It’s almost indistinguishable from beef. The main difference is, since they have very little fat, they can be a bit dry. I like mine with blue cheese crumbles, grilled portabella and a dash of A1.

  18. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    I’m waiting for a 2/3 pound Porpoise Burger.. no cheap Dolphin substitute!

  19. yessongs says:

    Where the Deer and the Antelope play……

  20. vitajex says:

    “What other exotic meats would you like to see turned into burger form?”

    I’m still waiting for someone to catch and butcher one of those elusive Butter Bacon Bears. Mmm, Butter Bacon Bears…

  21. Donathius says:

    The Fudds near my work has had all of these (including the Ostrich and Wild Boar options) for a while now. I never really thought about it, but I guess Orem, UT was one of their test markets.

  22. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Perhaps they could hire chef Larry London to serve up some Komodo Dragon

  23. Stiv says:

    Lordy. Is it that difficult for Consumerist to make a post that doesn’t include some unnecessary, snarky comment [“the burger chain with the name that sounds more like a syndrome than it does a restaurant”].

    Man, Fuddrucker’s burgers are good. Plus, I can order their wedge fries and drown them in melted cheese.

  24. gargunkle says:

    Elk has been on the menu for some time at Fudd’s. (I like it and buffalo quite a bit.)

  25. teke367 says:

    This might sound a little sad/weird/sick, but I had Reindeer on a cruise once, it was really good. It wasn’t served as a burger, but I’m sure it could be done.

  26. RxDude says:

    i made my own elk burgers at home, but now I’m out. I’m sure Fuddrucker’s would be cheaper and easier than taking time off work, driving up to the mountains, hiking 15-20 miles, field dressing, packing it out, processing, etc.

  27. dg says:

    One more reason not to go to Fuddruckers. I haven’t been to the one around my house for about 15 years. The burgers are over priced, and nothing to write home about. No reason to spend 3x what a normal burger costs for the same meat, and taste…

  28. Jonesey says:

    “What other exotic meats would you like to see turned into burger form?”

    Dolphin Meat.

  29. crazybeaver says:

    For all you 2A folks – Fuddruckers has banned guns at all their locations. I can’t go there anymore based all of their restaurants being unarmed victim zones.

  30. NotEd says:

    I’d be curious to try elk.
    As I recall I once had an Emu burger a Fuddruckers and that wasn’t too bad, so it would be interesting to try something else considered “exotic”.

  31. DWMILLER says:

    jackalope would be awsome or unicorn! I think anything made into a burger couldn’t be too bad. I think I could go for sea lion or seal meat-the ultimate surf and turf.

  32. erciesielski says:

    Once I went to Red Robin with my girlfriend. She ordered a buffalo burger. About half way through the burger I asked “So, how does buffalo taste?” She laughed and said “It’s just a name, it isn’t really buffalo.” Once I finally convinced she is indeed eating ground buffalo meat she couldn’t finish her sandwich.

  33. zandar says:

    Uh, wow. differentiation made.

    I hate to be a basher in an otherwise mostly positive thread, but I don’t see what is so special about Fuddruckers. Their burgers are too thick to be the crispy outside-moist inside grilled type, but aren’t charbroiled as a thick burger ought to be. Flavorwise it reminds me of the now defunct Big n’ Tasty at McD’s. I don’t understand the appeal.

  34. Not Given says:

    I had the two best buffalo burgers last night. They had mixed it with beef because the bison is too lean. DH grilled the burgers and I melted swiss on mine, put ketchup, mustard, dill relish and a slice of tomato on the other side and wrapped them in lettuce leaves. Then I remembered the little bit of guacamole I had left in the frig. yum

  35. Difdi says:

    From experience, both llama and kangaroo have some interesting flavor. Llama is just about veal-tender, without being veal-bland. And kangaroo burgers allow you to make hoppy meal jokes.

  36. The Marionette says:

    Fuddrucker’s has always been my favorite burger place. It’s pretty close to here in calumet city, il. I haven’t been there in years though but hopefully if they still have that elk burger soon I’ll try to stop by and see how it is.

  37. Groanan says:

    I could go for some snake sausages.

  38. Benedictum says:

    Beefalo vs Buffalo vs Bison

    There is a difference.

    American Bison are not Buffalo, no matter what marketer might claim they are. Asian Water Buffalo, African Buffalo. Thems the real buffaloes.

    American Bison are certainly present in the united states, not extinct as some would tell you with a smug smile when you tell them you are chowing down on Buffalo and they want to go off on you. But at the same time, they aren’t 100% wrong either. Theres only about 500,000 american bison in the us. Most are raised for meat, but that isn’t really nearly enough to keep up with demand.

    Enter the Beefalo.

    What do you get when you breed bison and cattle? Well, surprisingly tasty crossbreeds known as beefalo. A lot of the “buffalo” sold in the us and especially sold abroad is in fact the slightly more hybrid beefalo. Still delicious, but you never know.

    Confused? Yeah, the problem is that USDA standards for game meat are less…..stringent? than the standards for beef and poultry production, so there is a lot of confusion over just what you are eating, Buffalo, Bison, or Beefalo. Unless you live in the far east or africa, the chances of Buffalo are slim, but its entirely possible and delicious to get Bison and Beefalo in the us.

    As to the query, I would like to see Javalina burgers. Yknow, peccary? Delicious animals, delicious as burgers, sausages, roasts, you name it.

  39. kimmie says:

    Yum! I love elk burgers. A local microbrew serves a game burger of the day.

  40. RvLeshrac says:

    Alwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalways order ground meats *WELL DONE*. You don’t know where that meat came from, what equipment it was ground on, and whether or not it was consistently held at the appropriate temperatures during every stage of the process.

  41. Chip Skylark of Space says:


  42. Chip Skylark of Space says:

    Fox News Anchors.

  43. MadMoney says:

    Beware!! I wanted a Buffalo Burger while waiting for a flight at Washington/Dulles airport. The order took forever to prepare–which was a bit odd for Buffalo. I only eat Buffalo and know approximately how long a buff-burg takes to prepare. When I received my order–buzzer ringing and lights flashing–they gave me something else. Not sure if it was Elk, Ostrich or something else. It was not Buffalo (the highest priced item on the menu). Did I get my money’s worth? No. Are they trying to pass “slow sale” low volume Ostrich and Elk for Buffalo? I am Mad and I am not going to take it anymore. Voting with my wallet and never trusting these guys to serve high quality “exotics.” Know your meat Fudd?