American Apparel's Dov Charney: A Lawbreaker Back In 1987?

The next time you zipper yourself into that gold spandex unitard, beware, law-abiding consumer — it was created by a man that could be considered a downright criminal in Toronto! That’s right, beyond the legal troubles already surrounding American Apparel founder Dov Charney — you know, the sexual harassment lawsuits and whatnot — there’s more.

Seems ol’ Dov was already peddling what we can only assume were T-shirts, hoodies, tiny running shorts etc. with a carefully constructed look and “I don’t care but I’m effortlessly comfortable” feel to them way back in 1987 in Montreal, when he was busted for nefarious dealings.

Gawker cites the legal doc, written in French, which reveals something along the lines of: “Contravened Article 3 of Regulation 333, namely: having unfurled, exhibited or offered for sale of public goods, namely: sweaters at 2113 St. Catherine West [Street].”

Does anyone know French? Does this actually say he was too cool to obey the law (not hard in Canada in any year, sorry, it’s true) way back when, before he allegedly began sexually harassing the employees he mandated must be hot to work there in America and getting sued by Woody Allen?

Dov Charney Busted For Selling Clothes (In 1987) [Gawker]

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