My Nexus One 'Express Repair' Is An Express Train To Hell

Keith bought a Nexus One phone, which broke within four months. He submitted a repair order to HTC, which said it would put him on an express track and take care of him within 5 business days. He said goodbye to his phone June 23, and the only “express”-ion he’s got is his bitterness.

Noting HTC says the delay has been caused by juggling between different repair center locations, he writes:

HTC scanned my as received on June 23, 2010. And, as far as I can tell, hasn’t done a damn thing with it since.

I began calling support for updates the following week. Typically, I placed a call on a Tuesday and be told to call back on Wednesday. I’d call back on Wednesday and be told, oh it will probably be done Thursday — call back then. Then I was told, don’t worry, it will probably be finished by July 5, but things just aren’t being updated in our database, so call back then.

Alas, despite repeated calls, no updates beyond “yes we received your phone.”

Today, however, I talked to a nice CSR who explained to me that HTC had me ship the phone to their repair center in Texas at precisely the time they were moving that repair center to Stafford. Are you kidding me?

But it gets better. So I’m told by HTC CSRs that phones that were sent to Houston for repair have basically not yet been looked at. That they just sat at Houston for awhile awaiting to be redirected to Stafford. According to your CSR, if I’m lucky a technician at your Stafford center *might* finally take my phone out of the box and examine it on
July 8 or July 9.

That is, frankly, a ridiculous timetable and the lack of accurate information and tracking in this case has been absolutely bizarre. I’m tempted to just say screw it and grab a Samsung Vibrant when T-Mobile releases that on July 21, as it appears increasingly unlikely I won’t have my Nexus One back by then.

What have you done to survive a long-term phone repair?

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