4 Ways You Pay To Be Lazy


Debt Ninja reasons that many of day-to-die life’s seemingly built-in-costs are just the price of sitting on the couch and doing as little as possible. He meditated in his money-saving samurai way and came up with four things he could do himself that he routinely pays for.

His reasons from the post, with my commentary:

*Eating out. Is a mid-workday McDonald’s run really all that tastier than a sandwich from home?

*Oil changes. Doing the deed yourself takes a little bit of know-how and 15 minutes of your time, but instead you lug your car to a mechanic and waste away in the waiting room for an hour or more.

*Taxes. It’s just easier to shove a box of receipts in your accountant’s face and forget about it, right?

*Greeting cards. Just make them on your computer and fold a piece of paper in half.

What sorts of easy things would you rather pay for then do yourself, and why?

How much does being lazy cost you? [Punch Debt In The Face]

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