DOT Lacks Power To Ban Peanuts From Flights

Just when it looked like all the crusaders who want to get peanuts banned from flights were inching closer to epic victory, along comes a federal law to crack their shells.

Food Safety News reports the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration can’t go around just banning the old standby snack. Thanks to a 2000 law, the DOT and Congress would need to commission peer-reviewed scientific studies that prove the practice of serving peanuts on flights puts allergy sufferers in danger, and any ban would have to wait 90 days after the studies came in.

Deciding it doesn’t want to go through the hassle for now, DOT ditched the proposal in June. So congrats to peanut supporters. You’ve still got your nuts.

DOT’s Peanut Ban on Airlines is Grounded [Food Safety News via Strollerderby]
(Thanks, Helaine!)

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