Petsmart: Bad News Is Your Guinea Pig's Dead, Good News Is We're Taking It Seriously

Katie bought a pair of guinea pigs from a Bay Area Petsmart and noticed one was having sneezing fits. She took the furballs into a vet, who recommended taking them back to the store, which could get them treatment for upper respiratory system treatment. The company refunded her money and told her it would keep her posted on how the pets were doing.

ConsumerBell reports the sick guinea pig died before it could see the vet, and employees waited 16 hours before getting care for the animal. Katie asked Petsmart what was up, and had to wait a week before she heard back.

From the story:

A week after being originally contacted, Petsmart issued a statement, that had clearly been edited multiple times, based on the size of the font and the changes in text color. A week for this response. The consumer has contacted their PR department and has yet to receive a response.

“Thank you for your email inquiring about a customer’s experience at our Antioch, CA store. We’re sorry to hear about this situation; we take all customer feedback very seriously. At PetSmart, we’re pet parents too, and are dedicated to keeping pets healthy and happy.

It must be comforting to Katie to know that Petsmart takes ALL customer feedback seriously, even hers.

Guinea pig dies after Petsmart waits 16 hours to take guinea pig to on-site animal hospital [ConsumerBell]
(Thanks, Stephanie!)

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