Secret Void At Bottom Of Every Cup Noodles

Renowned consumer product investigator Rob Cockerham has made another startling discovery: there is a hidden crawlspace underneath the noodles in Cup Noodles.

“This is as minor as they come,” Rob admits, “but I think enlightening nonetheless.”

Rob also says this is why they’re not called Cup OF Noodles.

“To include that one word would imply that the cup is full of noodles, not just that it contains some noodles, some air,” he writes. “Now that I’ve found the secret space, I intend to use this information. Mostly I’ll use it to surprise other Cup Noodle eaters with a hidden tea bag or a teaspoon of unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid powder. Or maybe I’ll just fill it full of barbecued pork, and smuggle some nutrition into my lunch.”

Try it out! Next crate of Ramen you get, saw one of the cups open and tell us what prizes are lurking inside the secret cache. Perhaps other hidden technology that keeps the cup from overflowing when you add water.

The Three Mysteries of Cup Noodles [Cockeyed]

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