Kill The Cable Bill, Keep The Shows

Bryan over at Consumerism Commentary says he “felt a little dirty paying a monthly bill and watching advertisements at the same time.” So he canceled his cable TV and put together a Mac Mini-based system to watch “99%” of all the shows he and his wife liked, online, for free. This is video describing how he did. Like with all good nerdy projects, it begins with a spreadsheet.

He saves $70 a month. The hardware investment was $800, so it will pay for itself within a year. You could do it for even cheaper if you use a spare computer and accessories you already have lying around, and if you can go without having a remote.

Hardware: Mac Mini, IR receiver, cheap mouse and keyboard, Logitech Harmony remote

Software: Remote Buddy, Hulu Desktop, Boxee, ShowRSS, Miro.

Bryan admits that not being able to see shows the night they run takes some getting used to. The setup also doesn’t help with watching sports, but not being a sports fan, he doesn’t mind.

Television of the Future [Consumerism Commentary]

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