Free Anti-Vuvuzela Software To Stop Your Ears From Bleeding

If you’ve tried watching any of the World Cup soccer games (aka Tournament of Ties) in the last week, you’ve no doubt noticed the Satanic bleating of the vuvuzela, a horn-like torture device that soccer fans in South Africa use to keep themselves awake during all the scorching, non-scoring action on the field. And while software companies take years to debug simple glitches, there’s been no shortage of electronic attempts to silence the deafening din.

Since most of the games take place during the average American workday, most of you are watching the Cup on your computer. Over at Stardock, they’ve created the Devuvuzelator, a free download that claims to let you choose “which level of de-vuvuzela’ing filtering you find most suitable.” This will run on any Windows PC running XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Our one-time stepsiblings at Lifehacker have multiple computer-based and manual methods for quieting the vuvuzela, including one they claim works on Apple computers.

Have any Consumerist readers found any other successful programs or manual methods (other than the mute button… or lots of alcohol) of taking the bite out of the vuvuzelas?

Sins of a Solar Empire Publisher Produces Free Vuvuzela-Buster [Kotaku]

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