Sorry, We Already Buried A Lady Next To Your Husband

The last place you want to find The Other Woman is on her back next to your husband. Especially when he’s dead. A woman named Lillas Hawkins in California found just that when she went to visit her husband’s grave two weeks ago. When she pointed out the error to a cemetery worker, she says he responded, “We are in terrible trouble.” The cemetery is owned by a company named Dignity.

Dignity says that their records show the plot was sold twice back in the 1980s, before they took over the cemetery. According to Hawkins, they also said that digging up the strange woman “isn’t an option,” but that they’d be willing to dig up Hawkins’ husband and rebury him somewhere else. Otherwise, she can be buried on top of him.

I would just like to point out again that the name of this company is Dignity.

“Cemetery Sells Gravesite That Belongs To Widow” [] (Thanks to Kurtis!)

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