Name Your Favorite Fast Food Value Meal Item

Fast food. None of us who partake in its hot, dirty deliciousness are proud of what we do, but life is fast and hard and sometimes you need to hunt and gather your nourishment in a drive-thru.

I’m putting together a roundup of the tastiest, cheapest fast food items out there, and I want your nominations in order to make the post as comprehensive as possible. It’s embarrassing to admit your fast food fetish, so allow me to go first.

Whenever I slum it my go-to item is the $1 McDouble. A masterpiece of greasy, low-cost ingenuity, the burger tastes like that delicious patented chemical Super Size Me says McDonald’s flavors its beef with, and is hefty enough to tide me over when I forget to bring my lunch. OK, I’m not gonna lie — I usually go for two McDoubles for lunch, but that’s only because they’re so good and cheap that I can hardly contain myself to one.

The McDouble’s 390 calories don’t make it a diet dealbreaker, although let’s not mention the 19 grams of fat.

OK, now it’s your turn. Tell me why your favorite cheap fast food item is better than the McDouble.

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