Domino's Delivery Guy Demanded My Social Security Number

Brent says the Domino’s dude wouldn’t let him pay with a credit card unless he offered up his Social Security Number or driver’s license number. Since Brent was smart enough to know you only give such information to Girl Scouts and those guys who go to door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions, he checked it out with his local Domino’s, which told him the nosyness is store policy.

He writes:

The other day I had a pizza delivered to my home using my Visa. When the pizza arrived, however, the driver refused to give it to me unless I either gave him my social security number or let him write down my driver’s license number. I refused because of identity-theft and general privacy concerns. I offered to show him my driver’s license and the Visa card I’d used to order the pizza, but he said he had to write down one or the other number.

When I called the local Domino’s about this, I was told that drivers are now required to get the information because, she said, people have been ordering pizzas with stolen credit cards. Why showing that my license and Visa matched wasn’t sufficient, she couldn’t say.

Have you ever heard of this? I wonder if Domino’s can even legally demand to record such information.

Has anyone else experienced this privacy-violating pizza delivery shakedown?

UPDATE: A Domino’s PR rep says the store violated company policy, which states drivers aren’t required to ask for IDs and are forbidden to ask for Social Security Numbers.

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