Blu-Ray Redbox Spotted In The Wild, Rental Costs $2 For First Day

While Redbox says that they’re still figuring out price points for Blu-Ray discs in their movie kiosks, reader Dave discovered a box in the wild near San Francisco–clearly part of some test marketing effort. The price points are different from anything we’ve heard before. The machine offers Blu-Ray rentals for $2 for the first night, then $1 for each subsequent night. Yes, he sent pictures.

I found a Redbox DVD kiosk that is now renting Blu-Ray discs for $2 on the first night. Any extra nights will be $1 each. This Redbox is located in front of a 7-Eleven in Pleasant Hill, California on Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill is about 40 minutes east of San Francisco. I don’t know how long the machine has been renting Blue-ray, but the Redbox was only installed a few months ago along with dozens of other Redboxes in front of the local 7-Eleven stores.

The menu features a mix of regular DVDs and Blu-ray discs all on the same screen. Prices are listed on the movie summary page of each movie.





Blu-Rays Coming To Redbox With Price Hike

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