Smooth Down Your Lady Parts With Camelflage Or Camel Ammo

Think of five of your women friends. Pick one of them. Guess what? They’ve got camel toe. Camel toe is an embarrassing syndrome that affects one in five women annually. Besides the personal discomfort, it carries a social stigma that can lead to feelings of isolation and needs to consume entire pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Now there’s Camelflage, and Camel Ammo, two innovative products designed to smooth down your lady parts.

Camel Ammo is a flexible insert that can be used on any pair of panties, while Camelflage is an undergarment with the anti-camel technology already built in.

Think of them as Spanx for down there.

Have you ever used anything like these? Do they work? Do you have your own solution you prefer? Sound off in the comments.

Camel Ammo

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