Domino's Pizza Held Up By The Most Polite Robber Ever

Somewhere near Cookeville, TN, a very polite man has just saved his house from foreclosure. But what the bank doesn’t know is that he got at least some the money for the late mortgage payments from the cash register of a local Domino’s Pizza.

Around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, a man sporting some dark shades came into the Domino’s, but when the woman behind the counter offered her assistance, he replied, “I just can’t do this” and left, only to return a few minutes later.

Upon his return, the reluctant robber informed the cashier that “he really needed her to empty the till for him.”

From the police report:

She tried to explain to him that she would get in trouble and he said he didn’t want to get her in trouble, but that his house was in foreclosure and he needed to make the payment by June 27.

She asked him if he had any family or friends that he could get the money from and he stated that all his family was deceased. He also stated to her that he was not leaving until he got the money.

While the hesitant heist-puller never flashed a gun, he did keep “reaching into his pocket and would turn away from the counter like he had a weapon in his pocket.”

The situation became even more pathetic when one of the Domino’s drivers — men and women who know a thing or two about being robbed — returned to the store mid-robbery. Perhaps speaking from experience, the driver told the cashier “to just give him the money.”

Thus, the world’s most polite standoff ended, as the cashier handed over around $520 to the bearded burglar, who may have made his way to and from the crime scene on a bike.

So far, no one has been arrested for the not-so-dirty deed.

Polite pizza robber still at large []

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