Domino's Drivers Can Ask To See ID On Credit Card Purchases, But You Don't Have To Show It

A Domino’s PR rep says drivers aren’t allowed to ask you for your Social Security Number to verify credit card purchases. Drivers can ask to see your ID, but you can refuse and the driver can’t deny the transaction.

Last week a reader wrote us and said a Domino’s driver wanted his SSN. The customer checked with the store and a manager said it was that location’s policy to combat a stream of identity theft.

The Domino’s rep said the rogue location was out of line on corporate policy and has been dealt with. He clarifies that asking for IDs isn’t a violation of the merchant agreement:

In looking at the Visa and MC agreements, we’ve confirmed that asking for ID with a credit card transaction is not a violation of the merchant agreement, but refusing a transaction because of the ID or lack there of would be a violation.

The Web site says the same thing.

While merchants may ask a customer for identification, in most situations, a merchant may not condition acceptance of a Visa or MasterCard credit card upon the customer presenting identification. In other words, you can refuse to provide identification, and the merchant still must accept your credit card.

It’s also important to note that Domino’s does NOT make impressions of credit cards anymore, either. We can all agree that asking for a SSN was wrong, as we discussed earlier that was an isolated mistake at this one store, and that issue is being corrected. We also do not require drivers to write down ANY ID numbers at all.

So there you have it: Domino’s has a don’t ask-don’t show policy in regard to SSNs. And if a nosy driver demands to see your ID, feel free to give him a free extra topping of “no thanks.”

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