Brand Fail: Not Just Bagels

They may want to think about a new name. (Thanks to Andrew!)


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  1. brinks says:

    Shouldn’t it be “heroes”?

  2. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    Perhaps they should add a “Not” at the front of the name. That would fix everything!

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Mr. Shlomo Just is wondering what all the fuss is about.

  4. danmac says:

    Maybe their bagels are all into crime fighting and stuff.

  5. scoosdad says:

    Well “Just Bagels” has a strikethrough in it. It’s just not centered on the text.

    • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

      I think that black line is part of the font as it doesn’t span either the space between the words or the gaps in the letters.

    • MikeF74 says:

      Perhaps they should change it to “Justified Bagels.

  6. PsiCop says:

    Maybe it’s not a “fail.” Maybe the last name of the owner is “Just.” Or perhaps the business is located near a courthouse. Or … maybe the town it’s in, is “Just.”

    Just saying.

  7. Warble says:

    I agree, “Righteous Bagels” would be much less ambiguous.

    • Nighthawke says:

      Righteous bagels are if you throw one at someone, it puts them down for the ten count, not just giving them a nasty bruise.

  8. dolemite says:

    Water Bagels?

    • kosmo @ The Soap Boxers says:

      You’ve heard of water pistols. Same concept. You catch people really off guard.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Water bagels are bagels that are cooked by boiling, versus bagels cooked by baking.

      • clickable says:

        Actually, they are not completely cooked in water. Just the first stage. The dough is shaped into bagels and lowered into simmering water, where they stay till they rise to the top. This happens very fast, within 15-20 seconds at most. Then you take them out and continue baking in a regular oven.

        The water bath is what makes bagels so distinctively chewy and gives them a shiny crust.

  9. digital0verdose says:

    They should name it “Slow News Day”.

  10. DoubleBaconVeggieBurger says:

    There was a shoe store in my hometown called Strictly Walking… And More! I always thought they should change their name, but hey, I wouldn’t remember it otherwise, now would I?

    • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

      I wonder what the ….And More! part is?

      Running? Lacrosse? Tiddlywinks?

  11. MrsLopsided says:

    Just add an “N’ Things” to the end.
    Linen N’ Things isn’t using it anymore.

  12. Angus99 says:

    Bagle n’ S__t!

  13. Wiggs says:

    There’s a place not too far from me called “Just Oil (and more)”…

    Really need to take a snapshot of that at some point… I could send it as a tip to the Consumerist! :D

  14. Rackoff493 says:

    I wonder what a “water bagel” is

    Do they have soda / beer bagels?

    • clickable says:

      “Water bagels” refers to the purist’s method for baking bagels, which calls for dropping the shaped bagel dough into simmering water for a few seconds before putting it into the oven. If you just shape the dough into bagel shapes and put them in the oven, all you did was bake rolls in bagel shapes. The thing that makes them bagels is when they have a distinctive hard, shiny crust and chewy insides. The best way to achieve that is with the water bath – a quick bath in simmering water before the oven. Thus, a “water bagel.” Some commercial bakeries try a shortcut with steaming the bagels or spritzing them with water from a spray bottle or device, hoping the humidity or moistness will accomplish the same effect, but all it does is make the dough spongier. The only thing that makes it a genuine “bagel-ey” bagel is the water bath.

      And don’t get me started on intra-city feuds of whether the water in New York is better than the water in Montreal, or the water in Montreal is superior and thus produces the superior Montreal-style bagel (feh, and I say that with all due respect. Montreal bagels can’t hold a candle to a good New York bagel.)

  15. maldar says:

    Brand failure on a larger scale “Just Cabinets, Furniture, and More”

  16. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    Justin Bieber….And More!

  17. Arthur Pennant says:

    There’s an awesome little store in Northampton, MA that used to be called “The Coffee Gallery.” Basically they sell a lot of high markup imported goods: coffee, tea, spices, chocolate, porcelain, and European candies, so they decided that people wouldn’t come in if they thought it was just coffee. So they changed the name to “Cooks Shop Here.” Which is worse, to my mind. Not only is it not as catchy, but most of what they sell is candy, not baking ingredients or cooking utensils.

  18. Puddy Tat says:

    LOL….. That is great!

  19. Draygonia says:

    They lined through the text, it is supposed to show that they are no longer only selling bagels…

  20. BeFrugalNotCheap says:

    I actually had to think about this. Durp.

  21. meltingcube says:

    This reminds me of an auto shop by me that is named “Just Brakes”. They don’t only do brakes…