Is Verizon Wireless Going To Just Be Plain Old Verizon?

There are rumors going around that a big meeting planned Sunday will be to announce that Verizon Wireless is changing its name to just plain old Verizon.

There is also a rumor that they will announce that they won’t be carrying the iPhone 4. We have no idea if either of these things are true, but Engadget says they have a leaked image of a new ad campaign that shows the new wireless-less logo.

Why does this matter? Because Verizon Wireless is a partnership between Verizon Communications alnkUK-based Vodafone Group.

Verizon Wireless changing to Verizon this Sunday, massive new branding campaign planned? [Engadget]


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  1. hereisaaron says:

    Who cares? I don’t know a single person that refers to it as anything other than just “Verizon” ….. in fact if someone were to ask me if I had a “Verizon Wireless” phone, I would be surprised.

    • locakitty says:

      I have to make sure I add that “wireless” to the end or I lose points on my quality monitors. Yeah, uhhh, like the customer really cares that I didn’t say wireless.

  2. fatediesel says:

    The story in the link now says the name won’t be changing, just the logo.

  3. wingnut says:

    Slow news day.

  4. UnicornMaster says:

    Who calls it Verizon Wireless besides news people?

  5. BoredOOMM says:

    You will still not be able to get that commercial out of your mind.

  6. teke367 says:

    Bad move, if anything Verizon should change the entire company’s name to Verizon Wireless, its the only part of the company that isn’t completely horrible.

    • shadow67 says:

      i know fios is not everywhere, same with TV with fios. they are good. So saying tht everything else is horrible will need you to call comcast as ” “, united as ” ” bcos they are worse for everything.

      • JohnnyP says:

        So then maybe they should break it off as Verizon FiOS? Keep the good parts separate from the bad….

  7. Bossco says:

    Might as well change their name back to Bell Atlantic.

  8. CuriousGeorge113 says:

    Big Deal …..

    The Question
    “Does Verizon have the iPhone yet?”

    sounds the same as
    “Does Verizon Wireless have the iPhone yet?”

  9. Dragon Tiger says:

    I thought this was already announced, since Verizon bought out it’s initial partner in the Verizon Wireless venture.

  10. mbz32190 says:

    They haven’t been using the “Wireless” in their advertising for several months now. But really, who cares?

  11. kingofmars says:

    There is a reason why it would matter if Verizon Wireless changed it’s name to just Verizon. Verizon is the landline side of the company, and union. Verizon Wireless is not union, although the CWA has been trying to into the wireless side. Verizon also has different rules in terms of regulation, and 911 services.

    • manus manum lavat says:

      Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking. Right now Verizon and Verizon Wireless are essentially two different companies. It’s possible that this is a move to merge them.

  12. Jerem43 says:

    My cousin is a senior VP in the marketing department at Verizon, I’ll email him and see what is up…

    • GTI2.0 says:

      … and I’m sure he’d like nothing more than to leak you info over email so that you can post it on a message board and he can lose his job.

  13. blandname says:

    Why does this require a “massive new branding campaign”? Everyone already calls it Verizon anyway, it’s only called “Verizon Wireless” in the advertisements.

  14. Boobainaz says:

    I’m still seeing Alltel commercials. I thought Verizon put a dagger in its heart. How long do we have to keep seeing that?