The $33,000 Mattress

How much would you pay to sleep on the Porsche of mattresses? How about $33,000? That’s how much E.S. Kluft & Co.’s king-size Palais Royale mattress and box spring will run you. It contains 19.5 inches of of luxury fabric and materials, including:

  • Two layers of Beligan pima cotton jacquard
  • 10 lbs of cashmere, mohair, silk, and New Zealand wool
  • A layer of soft biofoam
  • A layer of hard biofoam
  • A layer of natural latex
  • Layers of organic cotton felt
  • A layer of bullshit
  • And over 2,000 hand-laced steel springs

Supposedly all this gets you the greatest night sleep ever, but are the benefits that people enjoy from their fancy new mattress really from the product, or just from the fact that it’s a new mattress?

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A Mattress at $33,000? [WSJ]

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