How To Buy A New Mattress

Elizabeth Mayhew of the Today Show gives a primer on mattress shopping, including the basics on types of mattresses, cost differences, what to look for, and when to replace your old one. “If you are a couple, shop together and if possible bring your pillows with you. Make sure you lie on a mattress for at least 10 minutes in your normal sleep position. Cuddle on it, and engage in light foreplay through your street clothes.” Okay, we made up that last sentence.

About innerspring vesus foam mattresses, she writes, “Neither is better, it’s just about personal preference,” but you can expect to pay considerably more for foam, “at least $1000 for a queen mattress.”

You should also be careful to not “let a salesperson convince you that a mattress is good based on the number of coils it has — it’s not important. What is important is the gauge of the wire the coils are made from.” The lower the gauge of a coil, the thicker it is, and the thicker the coil the firmer the mattress. In other words, a 12-gauge coil mattress is going to provide more support than a 14-gauge coil mattress.

“Tricks of the trade: Shopping for a mattress” [MSNBC]
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