3D Movie Glasses Maker Realizes Kids Exist, Watch Movies

Someone over at 3D glasses manufacturer RealD must have sat next to a child during a 3D movie and grimaced as the little tyke strained to keep the too-big-and-heavy glasses on his nose for half an hour, then finally gave up and suffered through the rest of the film in blurry 2D. The company started making glasses that fit on kids’ faces.

The glasses debuted last weekend, just in time for Toy Story 3. I wish I’d known about the product before I opted for a 2D showing for my son and I. Then again, we probably would have just fogged up those glasses.

Parents, what do your kids think of the new child-sized spectacles?

RealD is Rolling Out Child-Sized 3D Glasses [RealD via High-Def Digest]

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