Apple Won't Let Me Re-Download My Lost Movies After Hard Drive Crash

Adam is frustrated that his hard drive crashed and took out $15 worth of downloaded Apple movies with it. He writes:

Just in case you guys didn’t know, as I didn’t know, Apple’s iTunes store only allows a digital download once. So if you lose a bunch of movies when a hard drive crashes, as I did (yes I know I should have backed my data up), you’re pretty much S.O.L. as far as Apple is concerned. Every other digital thing I’ve gotten from other places has basically come with a guarantee that if you lose the data on your computer you can just go back and re-download the product. Hell, you paid for it, why not? Not Apple. They’ve basically said that you can only download the purchased file one time. Why, I’ve got no idea, but that’s the case.

I may be out 15 bucks, but Apple’s out the rest of the money I’ll ever earn.

Adam might want to plead his case with Apple’s customer service because others have had luck with sob stories before. But really, Apple could make it much easier for users to replace lost files for which they’ve paid.

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