Apple Replaces Hundreds Of Dollars In iTunes Purchases After Hard Drive Crashes

Like any responsible computer user, Benny regularly backs up his data. Unfortunately for him, the three Seagate external hard drives he used failed, and he lost about $500 in iTunes purchases. Seagate wanted $1700 to recover the data. Fortunately, Apple saved the day.

Benny writes:

18 months ago I bought 3 hard drives from Seagate. Very quickly, they began to fail under regular usage due to ye olde Clicke of Deathe. This last month, another drive failed with all of my iTunes data that I’d just transferred for safety. I located Seagate’s Data Recovery department and found out that the bill for recovery starts at $1700, even for a home user. I then wrote to Apple’s tech support and told them what had happened and asked if they could re-enable my purchases (which totaled less than $500 over a couple years). This morning I woke up to a great email from an Apple guy who re-enabled almost everything I’d purchased! The only omissions were some episodes of The Office, which isn’t so bad considering the scale of the purchased amount.

Naturally, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Mark one up for Apple.

(Photo: Earth2Kim)

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