Verizon Offering Trials Of FiOS With No Cancellation Fee, Cheaper No-Term Contract Bundles

Even though Verizon might have throttled back on expanding its FiOS network to new areas, the company still needs to make sure the networks it’s spent millions installing start making money. That’s why the telecom biggie has made two moves to attract reluctant consumers.

After testing the offer in Florida, Verizon will now be offering potential new customers one-month trials of their FiOS internet and cable services with no early termination fee if they cancel at the end of the month.

Additionally, Verizon has begun discounting the monthly rate (for the first year of service) for new customers who sign up for the No Term Contract option. Until now, this required customers to pay a hefty monthly premium.

These deals could potentially leave Verizon hanging out to dry, if enough people were to take advantage of them. It’s estimated that it costs the company about $1,350 per household to connect them to the new fiber-optic network, but, sounding not unlike a drug dealer, a rep for Big V says that once new customers get a taste of FiOS, “they’ll stick with (it) for the long haul.”

Do either of these deals sway your thoughts on getting FiOS? And for those who currently have FiOS, does it bother you that you weren’t given these options when you signed up?

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