It's June, Time For Hobby Lobby To Kick Off The Christmas Creep Season

People, it’s June! Why is Hobby Lobby selling Christmas wreaths?! Two years ago Hobby Lobby rolled out the trees in August. Last year they decked the halls in July. We’re going to celebrate Christmas all through 2015 at this rate. Seriously Hobby Lobby, call us if you ever decide to throw one of those “We’ve Gone Crazy!” sales. We’ll totally vouch for you. Hit the jump for some unreasonably unseasonal pictures.

Our understandably creeped out tipster Amanda writes:

I’ve heard of the Christmas Creep, but this year it’s a Christmas Sprint! Today, June 19, 2010 at the Hobby Lobby in Round Rock, Texas, I snapped these photos of Christmas merchandise already on SALE at 40% off!!!!

It’s not even Father’s Day, and they are already starting to Deck the Halls.

We called a Hobby Lobby in Arizona because this is sort of thing we absolutely had to verify. The trees, we’re told, are already in store warehouses. They’ll make it onto the floor next month. “There’s a timeline for these things,” they said.

Remember, if you see some Christmas Creep, snap a photo of it and email it to and/or add it to our Flickr pool with the tag “Christmas Creep.” Preference will be given to photos that are accompanied by interesting text.




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