Top 6 Examples Of Why No One Trusts Banks These Days

Seems like in the last few years that big banks make embarrassing errors as often as criminals commit crimes at Taco Bell. So it was no small feat for the editors over at CNN Money to whittle it down to their list of 6 Biggest Banking Blunders of recent years… By the way, three of them involve Bank of America.

With no further ado, here’s CNN’s round-up of banking blunders:

1. Bank demands thumbprint from armless man
Despite having a birth defect that left him with no arms, an employee at a Bank of America branch in Tampa demanded that a man provide a thumbprint from his non-existent thumbs in order for him to cash a check written to him by his own wife.

2. Citi’s mad mail mishap
Remember that time Citibank accidentally mailed out 600,000 envelopes with customers’ social security info printed on the outside of the envelope?

3. Fishy foreclosure flop
Or how about that time when Bank of America not only foreclosed on and locked-up the wrong home with 75 lbs. of rotting fish inside?

4. Add another buck for pepperoni?
Then there was the man in Texas, whose Visa was tagged for a $23 quadrillion — no exaggeration — bill. And he wasn’t the only one, with folks racking up similar totals for cigarettes and visits to the drugstore.

5. Bird-brained bank agent
One of my personal favorites is the tale of the Pennsylvania woman who not only had to convince Bank of America they’d foreclosed on the wrong house, but whose parrot was kept captive by the bank even after the matter had been resolved.

6. They didn’t even say ‘Thanks’
Talk about bank error in your favor! Two businessmen in New Zealand deposited $10,000, only to find out the bank had mistakenly credited them with $6 million. And instead of clearing up the matter with Westpac, the pair fled to China and are currently the target of a global manhunt.

What do you think — did they get the six biggest goofs? Or did they miss out on an obvious one?

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