Shrink Ray Slurps Up Some Of Your Papa John's Garlic Sauce

Sean says Papa John’s has powered up its own version of the Grocery Shrink Ray and miniaturized its Special Garlic Sauce, a product for which he already pays about 50 cents more. He snapped the accompanying photo of the deeply downsized delectable.

He writes:

Apparently the shrink ray has hit Papa John’s Special Garlic sauce, and guess what didn’t change if you order extras? The Price, still $0.49 for what seems like half of the product.

I know the picture shows a Pizza Sauce for comparison, but I can assure you they used to all be the same size, I just didn’t have a garlic sauce in the fridge.

I may be an old-timer, but I remember when the garlic sauce was free and was surprised to hear it costs extra now. Has anyone else spotted the adorably tiny garlic sauce in their pizza boxes?

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