BP-Hired Mercenaries Keep Reporters From Interviewing Workers

This video shows a BP-hired mercenaries working for “Talon Security” trying to keep WDSU-New Orleans reporter Scott Walker from talking to cleanup crews on a public beach. I would normally say something like, “Apparently they didn’t get the memo last week from from National Incident Commander Thad Allen and BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles that the media is to have full access to oil-affected areas and to cleanup workers,” – except that the mercs in the video are perfectly aware of the memos, and yet continue to obstruct the journalist!

TALON: You are interfering with their jobs right now
REPORTER: If there’s someone on break, I’m interfering with his job?
TALON: Yes, you’re interfering with his rest.

Contacted by Yahoo! News for comment, BP spokesman Mark Proegler said, “we can’t force our contractors to work with media if they choose not to.”

If only BP was as effective at keeping oil from hitting the beaches as it was journalists.

[via Danger Room]
Reporters clash with Coast Guard, BP security [Yahoo! News]

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