School Bans Domino's Pizza Deliveries To Campus

When I was a young and hungry college student, my roommates and I had the three pizza places in town all on speed dial, and I know we weren’t the only ones. But now comes news that a school in the UK has thrown a wrench into its students in-room dining plans by issuing a ban on deliveries of Domino’s Pizza.

The administration of Mildenhall College of Technology (which is really more of a high school, though many of the 16- to 18-year-old “Sixth Form” students live on campus) in Suffolk is trying to promote a healthier lifestyle among its student body, and wasn’t terribly thrilled when the local Domino’s began advertising a tantalizing lunch deal near the campus.

Speaking in some sort of British code, the school’s head administrator explains:

Sixth form students and those in Year 11 with passes started to use Domino’s at lunch time after this marketing campaign started, but then a few of the sixth formers decided to take advantage of the delivery system and had them ordered to the college. This then spread on to some of the younger students at the college.

We have to make sure the children are safeguarded as not just anybody is allowed on to the site. Nobody knows who these delivery people are and they could have been seen as a nuisance.

The whole idea of Domino’s goes against our promotion of healthy foods. We have carefully constructed meal deals that are nutritional for the children.

After hearing about the news, Domino’s took it so seriously, they even issued their response with British-y spelling:

Domino’s Pizza takes its role as a responsible neighbour very seriously and following a request from Mildenhall College of Technology, we have stopped deliveries to sixth form students on the premises with immediate effect.

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