Funeral Home Director Accused Of Partying Pretty Hard

The Ohio state board that licenses funeral homes has shut down a business in the town of Findlay while it investigates a list of allegations against the funeral director who owns the business. It’s a long list, too, including being naked or half-clothed during business hours, putting on the jacket of a deceased man in front of the man’s family, threatening employees, and being drunk.

With the exception of the jacket thing, this could also qualify as the job description of a blogger, but the key difference here is we don’t bury your dead relatives. We don’t have the upper arm strength, for one thing.

The man gave an interview to WUPW in Toledo and says he’s sorry for the trouble the investigation is causing for people who pre-paid for funerals, and who are now showing up to get their money back. (The report doesn’t mention whether any refunds have been given.) He also says all of the allegations are lies and that he’s the victim of a smear campaign by a competing funeral home–something the other business denies, but which immediately reminded me of The Fairsley Difference.

“Findlay funeral home accused of misdeeds” []
“Notice of Summary Suspension” (PDF) [Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors]

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