Do New Stadiums Really Give Back All They Get From Taxpayers?

Are new stadiums, like Citi Field, the new Yankees stadium, and the proposed new Nets stadium/Atlantic Yards project, really worth the oodles of public dollars, tax breaks, and the hundreds of residents displaced, their land seized under eminent domain? Stadium Status is an awesome new 20 min documentary by the Internets Celebrites that examines the issue and has come to a firm “Nahhhh” as its conclusion.

“You keep staying poor, and we’re gonna building bigger stadiums for you, Bronx. We’re gonna build a 10-story stadium with a 15-story underground garage.” – Dallas Penn, Internets Celebrities.

I was in Detroit recently. They have a nice new stadium. Just a few blocks away down the main drag it still looks like a bombed-out warzone.

You’ve got Stadium Status [Internets Celebrities]
Three Men and a Video Camera, Out to Reveal Urban Truths [NYT]

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