Amazon Expands Same-Day Prime Delivery To Chicago’s South Side & The Bronx; Launches Dedicated Website

Nearly two weeks ago, Amazon was criticized when an analysis of its Prime Now two-hour delivery service found the company treated some delivery addresses within a city differently. Critics alleged that Amazon was deliberately excluding predominantly African-American neighborhoods in six major cities from the delivery service. The company has now announced plans to expand into at least some of these ZIP codes. [More]

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

The misplaced cobra at the Bronx zoo has been found, coiled and hungry in a dark secluded corner of the reptile house, CNN reports. After the snake went missing, zoo officials closed down the snake exhibit and started searching ceaselessly for the missing creature. Though the zoo kept stressing the cobra was probably within the reptile house, that didn’t stop the deadly snake from setting the public’s imagination on fire, with national media coverage, a keyboard-playing appearance on Conan, and a 200,000 follower strong satirical Twitter account. [More]

A Miserable Life Inside A Foreclosed Apartment

A Miserable Life Inside A Foreclosed Apartment

Living inside an apartment building that has been foreclosed on can become a living hell when the building crumbles into disrepair around you and there’s no landlord to call. Bursting heat pipes, cockroaches, mice, hunks of ceiling falling on you, and black mold seeping up the walls have become the new neighbors to tenants in one low-income apartment building in the Bronx where the landlord has long since checked out. [More]

Do New Stadiums Really Give Back All They Get From Taxpayers?

Do New Stadiums Really Give Back All They Get From Taxpayers?

Are new stadiums, like Citi Field, the new Yankees stadium, and the proposed new Nets stadium/Atlantic Yards project, really worth the oodles of public dollars, tax breaks, and the hundreds of residents displaced, their land seized under eminent domain? Stadium Status is an awesome new 20 min documentary by the Internets Celebrites that examines the issue and has come to a firm “Nahhhh” as its conclusion. [More]

Cablevision: Techs On-Time Or You Get $20

A Cablevision tech support rep told us that if your Cablevision tech arrives past the service window, you’re entitled to a $20 credit (this press release supports it). And if you’re in the Bronx or Brooklyn, you can get a free month of cable TV if the tech shows up late (this is applied on a case-by-case basis but it is possible. Should the tech pull a noshow, call customer service and speak to a supervisor, who may offer you credits (usually $40-$50) or a free month depending on your customer history. Inside, Which customer service number to call, based on the first four digits of your account number:

On The Radio, FiOS Free TV Promotion Changed To Free Gift Cards

Further distancing itself from its problematic free TV promotion (which for some customer has so far been lacking in free TVs), a reader in the Bronx reports that Verizon FiOS triple-play bundle ads on the radio are now offering $200 gift cards for Circuit City. As previously noted, the TV ads are now touting free Samsung digital cameras.

Scammed By IDT Energy? News 12 Wants To Talk

If you were scammed by IDT Energy into switching over your contract, live in Brooklyn or the Bronx, and are willing to appear on-camera, email with your contact info and story.

UPDATE: Hertz Hatin’ On The Boroughs Too

Hey, it’s not just me and Dollar Rent-A-Car that hates the Boroughs and everything their denizenship of loudmouthed bozos and doofus hipsters stands for. Hertz does too!

Dollar-Rent-a-Car Hatin’ On the Boroughs

Dan thinks Dollar-Rent-A-Car is a bigot, hating jews, minorities and filthy liberals. Otherwise, how can you explain item 1.O from their rental policy?