What Should I Do About The Stinky Oil Change From Hell?

Reader Chris got the oil change from hell from a Ford dealer and now doesn’t know what to do about his stinky car and wants your advice.

Here’s his story:

On May 31st, I took my Ford Focus to the Ford Dealership for repairs because my door handles were sticking. The service manager said that they just needed to be lubricated, and offered to do it free of charge. He also noticed I needed an oil change, and offered me a free oil change because I had purchased the car there.

So far, everything seems above and beyond. At this point I was happy.

About an hour later, they bring out my car. They even washed it for me. I was extremely happy about this. I get in to drive off, and notice a smell. I don’t think much of it. I drive around town for a bit, (still with the smell) and then drive the 60 mile commute home. During this time the smell is getting worse.

I pull into my driveway, and realize there is smoke coming from my engine compartment. I open it, and find oil splattered all over the inside of my engine. They had forgotten to put the oil cap back on, and oil was burning on the hot engine.

Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, it was too late to call the dealership. On Tuesday, I called and told what happened; they said bring it in, and they would take care of it. I had to buy new oil for my car, and had to take half a day off work to go down. While they clean my engine, I speak with the manager and he gives me 2 more free oil changes.

The car is done, and has a fresh bath again. I’m driving home, and the smell is back, and the car is smoking. They didn’t get it all. I try driving my car around for a week to see if it just burns off, but the smell stayed. I brought my car down this last Saturday again, and they cleaned it again. After about 10 minutes of driving it though, the smell is back again. Wasn’t any smoking as far as i could tell.

I called them again, and they said for me to bring it down again. At this point, all I want is the smell gone and my engine clean. Their “washes” doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Is there anything further I can do in order to get my car nice again? I’ve driven 240 miles so far for these washes, taken time off work, and it doesn’t seem to be working.

There have to be some car people in our comments. Anyone want to help Chris out? How can you de-stink a car’s engine?

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