My Downloadable Star Wars Game Won't Play On My PS3

Probably the best thing about old PlayStation games that are now downloadable on the PlayStation Network is that you can play them on PS3s as well as PSP.

Graham has found that the perk isn’t there for his virtual copy of Star Wars: Dark Forces, though. It plays on two of his PSPs just fine but its ability to boot up on his PS3 has been lost to the Dark Side.

He writes:

Star Wars: Dark Forces was my favorite FPS from the Doom generation, and so I bought it day one when it came out on the PlayStation Network.

It works on my original 60GB PS3. It works on my PSP Go. It works on my PSP-2000. It does not, however, work on my PlayStation 120GB (the slim).

I made a YouTube video of the problem and submitted a ticket to Sony and LucasArts. Sony has now washed their hands of it, saying it’s not something they can fix. LucasArts will not respond to me.

It’s $6, and I can play the game on my other systems, it’s just incredibly irritating that my main gaming machine won’t play the darned thing, and that I’m being ignored by a company that I’ve supported for over two decades.

I’ve already had over a dozen people message me with the same issue, so I know I’m not alone. I feel bad for others out there who have slim PS3s for whom this isn’t working.

PS3 Arcadians reports Graham is not alone. Hopefully LucasArts cranks out an update that fixes the problem. Do or do not, there is no try.

The Force is Weak: PSN Dark Forces is Broken [PS3 Arcadians]

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