Know Your BP Gulf Disaster Charity

Before you rip up your checkbook or rush down to pitch in, make sure you get to know the BP Gulf disaster-related charity you’re getting in bed with.

  • Watch out for new orgs that have their heart in the right place but are noobs.
  • Follow the money trail, know where your dollar goes.
  • Use expert help to evaluate charities.
  • Figure out the point of the group – are they doing Gulf-related work themselves, or fundraising for others?
  • This disaster is unique, in a bad way, and volunteering to help may require special skills or training.
  • Thanks to how massive the disaster is and how extended its effects will be, there will be many many opportunities to give, so even if you don’t find the right charity now, there’s sure to be one down the line that will work.

Gulf Oil Spill Recovery: Tips for Donors and Volunteers [BBB]

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