NYC CVS Caught Dumping Old Prescriptions On Sidewalk

One would think that, after paying out over $2 million in 2009 for improperly disposing customers’ prescription info, CVS would have a tighter lid on how they handle this sensitive information. If so, someone at a CVS pharmacy in Manhattan didn’t get the news.

On Friday, a stack of old prescriptions was found sitting on the sidewalk outside that CVS. Anyone could pick up the papers and see some of your most personal info… which is exactly what the NY Daily News did.

The News tracked down some of the customers whose scrips they found on the street. “I’m just so angry. I’m going to blow my stack!” said one woman, whose 2002 prescription for fioricet with codeine was in full public view outside the CVS.

Added another less-than-pleased customer:

Even though the prescription is no good, it bothers me that it would be out on the street… To say I’m furious would be putting it mildly.

The News also talked to a rep for the company. And you’ll never guess… they’re taking it seriously.

“We will investigate this matter to determine whether our procedures were followed properly at our Park Ave. location,” said the CVS guy, who I imagine wearing a white lab coat.

East Side CVS Pharmacy gets a Rx for negligence after old prescriptions found blowing in street [NY Daily News]

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