Keep Track Of BP Oil Spill Casualties With

Though BP has made attempts to keep reporters away from the icky, oily dead and dying animals floating in on the greasy tides of the Gulf of Mexico, they haven’t been able to stop the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at bay.

Using the reports provided by FWS, the people behind are keeping a running tally of our feathered, furry and turtlenecked friends that have been harmed by the growing slick of crude oil of the Louisiana coast.

As of right now, birds have taken the greatest hit from the spill with over 650 dead and nearly 475 “oiled but alive.” Sadly, only 40 birds have been cleaned and released.

The site also points out that it’s been 53 days since the spill began. Anyone want to start a pool on what that number will be when the gusher is finally capped?

Thanks to Denise O. for the unwitting tip!

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